Why Biomarkers?  

Biomarkers show us how your body is responding to your environment, your training, and your lifestyle.  They tell us if your software (your training) is working together with your specific hardware (your genes) optimally.

We test biomarkers related to eight attributes:  Energy (28 biomarkers), Strength (15 biomarkers), Speed/Power (5 biomarkers), Endurance (5 biomarkers), Musculoskeletal (17 biomarkers), Mental Acuity (11 biomarkers), Recovery (16 biomarkers), and Nutrition (10 biomarkers).  Many of these biomarkers are used for more than one attribute.   The gene, microbiome, wearable and performance testing we are doing also map to these eight attributes providing a comprehensive view of whether your hardware and software are working together optimally.