Why Microbiome? 


Your body has more cells from microbes than it does your own cells. Our body's microbiome is involved in immune system, inflammation, and neurological function. It also impacts our energy and metabolism. These microbes can be a help or a hindrance to your health and performance.

Your microbiome report captures a snapshot in time of the dynamic interplay between the microbes in your gut and your own human cells.  This interplay is impacted by your diet, and thus the microbiome report becomes a useful tool for determining if you are optimizing your diet for your own personal health and performance.  Additionally, the gut is a major training site for immune cells residing throughout your body.  Through monitoring your microbiome, we can be alerted to inflammation markers that will impact health and performance.


Your microbiome report will be a five-page document that begins by providing background on the microbiome generally. It then provides your microbiome composition and compares your microbiome results to a healthy population group, as well as the smaller set of athletes we have tested.  Next, the report provides technical information on your microbe composition before returning to interpretations that can be derived from your gut composition, and finally, a short summary for you.